Cathy’s King Davids Crown Quilt

Last year Cathy and I did a course at Needles and Pins in Warrandyte run by Michelle Yeo.  The quilt we completed was King Davids Crown.  This is a lovely geometric design that lends itself to custom quilting.  I was particularly pleased with the secondary patterns created by the quilting on the back of the quilt.  I can show you both quilts, both quite different both in their fabric choices and quilting patterns.

I was very pleased with how both quilts turned out and I know Cathy was too.  There are a couple of other people from the class who are yet to complete their patchwork tops.  Lets hope they get done soon and I can post their pictures here too.

Some of the quilting details

And the back of Cathy’s quilt that shows the secondary patterns that emerged from the quilting

And then a picture of my own version of King Davids Crown.


13 thoughts on “Cathy’s King Davids Crown Quilt

  1. Cathy’s quilt looks fantastic, I love the quilting.

    Your two quilts have quite a different feel, all because of the fabric choices.

    I better hurry up and get my Sunset applique to you for your light touch, because the customers are really going to be queuing up!


  2. Well done. Lovely quilts and really clean and tidy, but visually lovely, site to navigate. Your work is amazing Anita. Was hanging my Butterfly Garden after storing it at another location in case of bushfires, and marvelled once again at your choice of design and the detail in the machine quilting on the quilt. Just adore it – so proud of both our contributions to my beautiful quilt. Congrats again on launching your website. It looks great


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