Quilts and more quilts

This week I thought I would share with you a few quilts that I have completed recently.  I am going to show you some quilts that have been quilted with edge to edge patterns.  These are also known as panto’s or pantographs.  It is really pleasing to see how the quilting adds another dimension to the patchwork tops.

I really loved giving these quilts back to their owners knowing that they were going to be well loved and used everyday.

This quilt was made by Lisa from NOTYQ (North of the Yarra quilting guild).  I sew with this lovely group of ladies most thursday nights in Diamond Creek and have had the opportunity to quilt many of their patchwork tops.  Lisa made this quilt as a gift using a colour that we would not normally associate with her work.  As always however the many shades of pink harmonise beautifully.

Another quilt I would like to share with you  was made by a friend of Denise’s.  Denise helped this lady with layout of the triangles and the quilt was pieced entirely by hand.  It is a beautiful quilt, simple in design but the colour placement, impeccable piecing and an appropriate quilting pattern choice made the end result something that all contributers are proud of.  The quilting was designed to enhance the quilt, not to take over, and I think we achieved this here.

Come back again soon for some more quilty eye candy.


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