My own Lilly Pilly

Hi all, I hope you are all enjoying your stitching in this cold wet weather.

I recently finished a quilt adapting a pattern by Kellie from Don’t Look Now called my own Lilly Pilly This pattern was so much fun.  As a hand sewing project it was great to always have something to do when I attended sit and sews at NOTYQ I love hanging out at my quilting Guild chit chatting and learning and sharing new skills.

The quilt really came together with some great background quilting.  I felt that the appliqué could really pop out with the dense quilting.  Now I am not one to just follow a pattern.  A patchwork pattern to me is simply a starting point…so I added two borders so that the quilt was framed and gave me the opportunity to use some different quilting treatments.

I love doing this style of doodling quilting as the movement and detail makes the most of modern quilts with a high proportion of background fabric.

Back to my quilting machine now as the christmas orders are pouring in.

Happy quilting



One thought on “My own Lilly Pilly

  1. Love you version of the Lilly Pilly Don’t Look Now. I have a friend that is making this quilt for my daughter’s wedding. First thought was to sign the leaves, as a guest book before the wedding, and during the wedding. My friends suggestion is to do a border similar to yours and have guests sign the border piece 6 x 6 and add small coordinating leaves to the signature pieces. My friend is concerned the leaves will not be big enough. She also feels the border adds a lot to the quilt. Your Lilly Pilly is the only one I could find with a border. My daughter is reluctant to change the pattern, feels it will take away from the tree. Is you border a 3inch with blue with a 1 inch green? I have made 1 t-shirt quilt, NOT experienced. I loved when you said ” you didn’t follow the pattern”. I plan on e-mailing your quilt to my daughter. Thanks for your help.


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