Quilting for a prize winner

Almost two years ago at the North of the Yarra Quilt Show I was able to present some quilts on a stand for all to enjoy, as a thank you to the Guild I presented a gift voucher for a lucky lady to put towards some quilting for herself.  Now as I said that was two years ago and I had nearly forgotten about it until Lee came up to me and told me she was the lucky recipient.


I am therefore delighted to show you photos of before and after…

BQ… before quilting

Lee completed the piecing on her unusual quilt at our annual retreat and I loved the design back then.  The borders were added later and I am sure you will agree really frame the offset design.  We decided that a swirling quilting design would add further movement to the quilt and the end result is very pleasing.

The quilt was rather large and didn’t quite fit on my photo stand, or should I say table tennis table folded up!!

Here are a couple of close ups of the quilting detail and the piecing.

The quilt is travelling all the way to England to be a wonderful wedding gift, hopefully to be carried by the giver so she can enjoy the look on the happy couples faces.  This is a nice ending to a quilt story for me especially as I am English myself and have only lived in Australia for ten years.  (Our family are now Citizens so I guess we are half Australian, half English).


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