A new year of quilting has begun…

Hello one and all, I hope you have all had a peaceful Christmas and are enjoying the New Year sunshine.  Being an English lady it has taken me a long time to get used to the seasons being upside down…but I am getting there.

Now I know I promised you a feast of Christmas quilts and I am working on this.  My Photographs need a little work and they will be up for you to see very shortly.

Here are a couple of shots of an applique  quilt that one of the NOTYQ ladies made.  Vivien’s hand work is beautiful and this quilt is as much about her finer details as the more prominent quilting that I used to enhance it.  I loved working the border with the swags and feathers, featuring the hearts which appear within the patchwork top.

In the meantime it is all systems go with the new year and all the quilting joys it brings. I am fully recovered from my surgery and booking in quilts for febury, March and beyond.  My wait list is usually around eight weeks for custom quilting and often much less for all over quilting.  If you have any special requests, tight deadlines or anything else please call as I always try to accommodate your needs.

If you can it pays to think ahead when you are starting a quilt so that it can be booked into my list, so that by the time you have completed your patchwork top you may well be at the top of the queue and ready to go.

I hope you are all planning to complete some of those UFO’s and get them out of the cupboards and on show for all to enjoy.  I know that my goal is to get lots of projects finished.  Mind you I have seen some very nice new patterns that need making…(stop that Anita, finish some others first!)

I must get back to those photo’s, check back soon.



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