Slack quilter or slack blogger….

You could be forgiven in thinking I am a slack quilter but in fact I am quilting like a crazy lady and am just a slack blogger.  I love the idea of a blog and reading about the sewing adventures of fellow quilters…just not so good at making time to update mine.  Maybe it should be my new year resolution.

I have been busy working on some great modern quilts this year…

This quit used some very vibrant colours and really cheered up my day when I quilted it.  You can see how the quilting pattern Popcorn  by Jodi Beamish picks out the modern flower shapes in the fabric.  I also like how Maree has broken up the outside border with a thinner border made up of the fabrics in the body of the quilt.  Who says we have to use a solid colour in our borders, or indeed they have to go all the way around.  Maree’s thinner borders where only added to the short ends.  It was good to see some unusual ideas in the quilt.

Another great thing Maree did was to use the same wide back fabric in the borders as well as the backing.  Not only does this look good but saves time and money.  The borders can be cut from the full width of the wide back fabric and need no joining.  This creates a seamless look and usually can be cut from the edge of the fabric you purchase for the backing.

I can purchase wide backs for you from I can usually put together a few orders and you save on postage.  Ask me about this when you book in your next quilt.

This quilt is destined to be given to the makers niece but first I had to send it to the Northern Territory for binding by Maree.  She has recently moved away from Melbourne and is entrusting me with her quilts by Australia Post.

Another quilt…

Helen has made this quilt for a lucky member of her family.  The fabrics were very special lawns and linens from Patchwork on Central Park

Helen made the most of the fabrics and kept the pieces fairly large to showcase the lovely prints and textures.  I enhanced her lovely work by adding a simple quilting pattern called Rain Drops by Lisa Calle.  This pattern provides a lovely texture without dominating the fabrics.

Our family has also been partying.  My husband turned fifty years young  and we celebrated with a mad dress up dance party.  I don’t normally share pictures of me  (a bit too much weight gain recently)  or my mad family (simply because they are teenagers and don’t stand still long enough to have their photo taken), but I am going to make an exception today because it was so much fun!

I normally have short blond hair, my husband is not a criminal, my daughter usually wears much more appropriate clothing, my big fella looks just like my big fella and my middle boy is always my knight in shining armour.

Ok that is enough for now, back to quilting or people will be shouting at me…never nice!

Come back soon as I promise to keep up to date this year.


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