How lucky am I…

…to get to work on such lovely quilts and meet so many nice people, all in the line of work!
As the saying goes “if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life”. Now I am not saying that my days are always full of joy and that threads don’t break, machines don’t go cranky and some quilts refuse to ‘talk’ to me but for the most part I feel very blessed to spend my days as they do.

It is such a joy to see people smile when they come and pick up their quilts. I always aim to enhance an individuals work, not overtake it. After all it is not my quilt to keep.

Recently I have had to return a quilt to an owner which i would love to have kept, so much so that I went out and purchased the pattern and fabrics and started making my own the next day. I thought it may be considered unprofessional to keep the original but I did consider it, seen as it is all needleturned applique!

Guatsee, my client made this wonderful quilt called ‘Floral Beauty’ by Irene Blanck with fabrics purchased mainly from Threadbear in Castlemaine.


The colours in this quilt were wonderful, enough depth of shades but remaining very delicate at the same time. I quilted around all the needle turned applique to enhance the flower and star motifs and make them pop out of the quilt. The background was densly quilted in the MacTavishing style which flowed beautifully behind the applique. Guatsee and I were both delighted with the finished product. This was the first opportunity I had had to work with Guatsee so I was doubly pleased.


More close up details…



3 thoughts on “How lucky am I…

  1. Hi Anita its me Guat See! Finished the binding late Sunday night. Quickly hung it up (but not yet at its intended place) to see how it turned out and also to snap some photos. It is gorgeous and I am very happy with it. I already have a lot of fantastic/positive comments from friends and family. Thank you so much and see you soon.


  2. Hi Anita
    How lovely to see my pattern done with your own stamp of fabrics!! Thank you for posting – i don’t always get to see my patterns done by others so this was a nice suprise.



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