More Winners and Grinners…

Ok more photos from the show.

Another Helen also won a prize.  This quilt was very worthy of it’s ribbon.  The photo isn’t the best but I hope it shows off the stylish simplicity of her work.  I love how she has used the lines of quilting to enhance the design.  A very clever lady.

Here is Sandra with her winning small quilt.  I love the way the fabrics look like tiles.

The Pin Cushion Challenge really showcased the diversity of NOTQY members.  I am glad I didn’t have to pick the winner.

The pin cushion isn’t very clear, but it is the witch just hidden by the ribbon.  Well done you.

I did have to pick a winner with my President of  NOTYQ hat on.  This was a challenge in itself, but along with Di we both came up with the same recipient for the Presidents Award.

Great hand quilting in several shades of green.  Lovely even design too.

I don’t think Joan could look prouder!

My lovely friend Simone also won a ribbon for her quilt, Tribute to Mrs Williams.  I am so sorry Simone I didn’t get a photograph.

Happy Quilting

One thought on “More Winners and Grinners…

  1. Looks like a great Exhibition. Well done to sll. Unfortunately I was not able to be there. The first show that I have missed in twelve years. Trevor and I are currently in India for a wedding and some tourist stuff as well. Lots to see and do. The Taj Mahal was AAAmazing. Off to Rajastan tomorrow. Back in Oz in about 10 Days


    Lee Norris


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