NOTYQ Quilt Show

What a fantastic weekend was had by all.  The show was beautifully run and showcased the fabulous work of the Guild members.  I was very proud to be a part of the whole thing both as President of NOTYQ and Hillside Quilting.

The quality and variety of the quilts was amazing and I have some photos to share.  I have too many for one post so I will do them in stages.

Firstly I will show you some of the winners (I don’t think I got photos of all of them unfortunately  but I am sure NOTYQ will have a comprehensive list.

Viewers choice is always eagerly awaited and this year was won by Marilyn Hayes for her gumleaf quilt. She so deserved this award as her quilt was a work of art.

I was fortunate to have been the quilter for several of the ribbon winning quilts.

This quilt belongs to Lisa and she won first time entrant with her design.  I quilted this one with a flowing overall pattern that wasn’t too tight so the quilt design shone through.

Another winner was Joan.

Not the best photos of the humans, but the quilt shows up pretty well and it does show how pleased we both were.  This was a great quilt for a quilter as it had the symmetry and open spaces for the quilting design to shine through.

Helen, another of my ladies had a great win too with her quilt.

And again a none too flattering photo of the maker and the quilter.

We kept the quilting quite traditional on this one but I hope that it was given a modern twist by adding the swags to the border.

There were many other winners and I will put them in a post tomorrow as this is getting too big to download and I need to get back to quilting.  No peace for the wicked.


Happy resting to all NOTYQ members.




2 thoughts on “NOTYQ Quilt Show

  1. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I shall remind you by saying I was one of the first at the show.

    All the best
    Sue Stancombe


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