Australiana quilt

I have had the pleasure of quilting a delightful Australian quilt this week. The quilt was made by a family who has an ongoing tradition of giving any new children a collaboration quilt made by the ladies in the family. How honoured was I to be included in this at the quilting stage.

The family designed the quilt themselves to depict many of the amazing animals found in Austrialia.


The challenge with this and other similar children’s quilts is to keep the quilting soft but still give the quilt enough structure and design.


I quilted gum leaves from each point to give a frame to each square and further enhanced the appliqué by stitching around each animal to make it pop. The border was quilted with simple
piano keys to provide a framed border.

The backing shows up the gold gum leaf pattern in a very subtle way.


We were all delighted with the final result as it goes on its travels to a new lucky baby.

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