Domestic Machine Quilting Class

I have been remiss…again…at blogging but I have been busy quilting many of your quilts and even a couple of my own. Plus I have been teaching at <a href="http://“>Panton Hill Living and Learning I have taken a group of ladies through the domestic machine quilting process by working on a sampler quilt that has utilized a variety of different quilting techniques.


I designed the quilt and the course of lessons so that the knowledge of different quilting styles, and the ability to execute them effectively, would build upon each other. The aim was that the ladies could go away and refer to their Sampler Quilt when quilting their own small quilts.


We improvised if someone forgot their sewing machine extension table. A great use of old patchwork books.


Everyone worked really hard at learning the new skills and I was really proud of their progress.

Feedback from the class was awesome and the course is being offered again at <a href="http://“>Panton Hill Living and Learning next semester as an eight week course run fortnightly. You will need some time for homework between sessions.

I was really touched when the class presented me with a beautiful bunch of flowers at the end of the last class today.


Thanks Ladies. Can’t wait to see the quilts all bound and finished.


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