A bumper post of new quilts

It has been a busy couple of months quilting for my lovely clients.  I thought I would share a few photos with you.


Lisa Jones made this beautiful quilt.  Her colour selection was lovely with a deep charcoal background and mixed purples in the stars and compass.  The quilting was designed to show case the centre compass to the full.  The paisley background fill made the compass really stand out and I used Constantine Quilts Swag template for the outer border to add an additional frame to the piece.  Lisa was delighted with the end result and it was a joy for me to have so much open space to play with.



A couple of quilts by another client of mine, Leanne.


This quilt required simple quilting with line dancing on the white fabric and curves on the coloured triangles.  I love the way the symmetry of the half square triangles allowed the quilting to create another pattern showcased on the back of the quilt.

Leannes other quilt was a string pieced quilt, with the blocks again set off by white fabric.  This combination of bright colours with white is very pleasing to the eye and fits into modern homes perfectly.

The back of the quilt shows the simple quilting off and creates more patterns again.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos and I will be back soon with some more.





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