A trio of modern cot quilts

I am working on that post from my Adelaide trip but in the meantime I wanted to share this trio of modern funky cot quilts, designed and made by Sarah Rowe, a lovely client of mine.


I love the way Sarah designs in such a creative and non traditional way. Her use of colour is amazing in these cot quilts and so perfect for that modern baby (and mum!)

I have quilted these three quilts with the same allover pantograph pattern ‘Sunday’ by Anne Bright. The difference comes from changing the colour thread and the contrast that it makes (or doesn’t) to the fabric in the quilt.

This picture shows the thread more clearly and how if the thread matches the main quilt fabric the quilting is more of a texture and when the tread contrast more clearly the quilting shapes are more defined. Something to think about when you are making your patchwork tops.


In quilting I don’t believe there is a right and a wrong, just different, just as all quilts are different. Every quilt deserves to be treated as an individual piece of work and this is the basis that I make my quilting decisions on, just as Sarah does in her choice of patchwork design and colour.


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