New Domestic Machine Quilting Classes for 2013

2012 was a busy year for me with lots of quilting for clients but also setting up Domestic Machine Quilting Classes  I offered these as intensive one day classes at North of the Yarra Quilting Guild  which has now been altered to being offered over two days.  I think I blew their minds and sent them to bed with severe exhaustion doing it all in one day!

I am also offering the same beginners course at Panton Hill Living and Learning with sessions on eight biweekly occasions   A more relaxed pace with more time to perfect your simple quilting techniques.

Domestic Quilting Techniques Sampler 2012

This is the sampler quilt we make to learn simple techniques that you can use to quilt those smaller patchwork projects.

More details can be found on my classes page.

I am also running a Domestic Machine Quilting workshop at Panton Hill Living and  Learning centre for those with some experience where we get together monthly to discuss quilting techniques and options for current and future projects.  You can enroll through this link or by calling 9433 3744.

Would love to see you there


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