A new image for Hillside Quilting

Over the summer Claire from Matching Pegs, Luke her husband and I were busy designing a new image for  Hillside Quilting.  This was well over due as I didn’t really have a look at all, I just started quilting and as they say…be careful what you wish for…I haven’t come up for air since.  This is a wonderful situation to be in and I thank all my past, present and future clients for making this so.

But it was time to make time to do this, so we came up with this…


We were all delighted with the result, especially as it was part of a skill sharing situation.  Claire and Luke’s design background and my quilting.  I was able to help Claire finish her quilt ‘Bubbles’.  This is one of her new patterns that you can find details of at her website Matching Pegs

CG009 - Bubbles

This was a wonderful quilt for a quilter to get her teeth into those blank areas.  Great for anyone wanting to perfect their applique and practice their quilting techniques. 


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