A timely update from a slack blogger…

Well hello everyone. Just to reassure you I have not gone to the other side, moved to the moon or lost my house in the recent Warrandyte fires.

I am alive and kicking, quilting some beautiful quilts, teaching lots of domestic machine quilters and thinking about preparing for the up and coming AMQF 2014 event. Much more on this when I have caught up with missed days of quilting work.

We had a rotten weekend worrying about our suburb but thankfully it was a lot less disastrous than it could have been. No lives were lost and my heart goes out to the few that did lose their homes.

Just for information, if there is ever a local risk, all quilts come with me. Pecking order is…kids, husband, me, dog and quilts!

For now I thought I would show you what was on my bed. I made this humongous quilt a little while ago from layer cakes and I love it. I quilted it in a simple arabesque pattern and as it is white on the back it is in and out of the wash every week. Also a confession, my dog sleeps with us, hence the washing too. You got to love Moda fabric and wool wadding for longevity.



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